The Game is On!

Episode 5 – The Adventure of the Unreliable Narrator

Told by the Fairy to find the missing boy, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson arrive in a dark and strange place. But when they come across a game – one they really should play – that’s when their adventure starts in earnest. Now, more than ever before, The Game is On!


At the following URL you can download the annotated script of The Adventure of the Unreliable Narrator.


Case Files

Supplementary educational materials providing points of discussion about copyright for teachers and students. In particular, these Case Files offer points of discussion around copyright in video games.


31. The Arcade and the App

In this Case File #31 we consider the implications of intellectual property protection for the gaming sector.

32. The (Un)Popular Clone

In this Case File #32, we consider a famous dispute about a game similar to one of the world’s most played games: Tetris.





Written, Produced and Directed by Ronan Deazley and Bartolomeo Meletti
Art Direction / Design / Animation: Marco Bagni
Illustrations: Ilaria Urbinati
Character Design: Davide Bonazzi
Motion Graphics: Anna-Lea Schmitt, Daniele Arcuri
Music / SFX: Sarc:o
Voice-over Artists ( Sherlock Holmes – Cliff Chapman; Agnes Peabody – Aislinn De’ath; John Watson – Andy Scratch


Case Files

Author: Daithí Mac Síthigh
Editor: Ronan Deazley
Design: Marco Bagni
Production: Bartolomeo Meletti



The Adventure of the Unreliable Narrator was made possible by generous contributions from the following organisations:


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