Explore how copyright law shapes and regulates different aspects of the creative process, and find out how you can lawfully and freely use existing materials in the creation of new work.


Creators Discuss


Is it possible to lend purchased content to others? 2. How many notes can be used from someone else’s song? Is there a maximum length that can be used from an original song?


Is it always necessary to ask permission to use another’s film? Are there set rules about using clips from other films? If the copyright owner cannot be found, can their work be used?


How can one protect innovative theatrical experiences? Can music be remixed or edited for a performance?


What if something is copied in another jurisdiction? Is there a low cost way to enforce copyright? Can journalists use copyright materials to report news?

Visual Artist

How different does new work have to be from an original, not to infringe? Are there organisations that can help creators protect their work? What is the procedure to clear the use of an orphan work?


Who is responsible for getting permission to use protected content? Is it okay to use images gathered from online search engines? Is it okay to use content when there is no copyright information about it?

Teachers & Students

Teachers and students at Bournemouth University discuss the role that copyright plays in their work and share their most pressing concerns and questions about copyright.

Copyright in SMEs

This section provides guidance on strategies that creative firms have employed to effectively manage copyright challenges.

Public Domain

Public Domain: Duration

This commentary explains how long copyright lasts and what you need to consider when calculating the copyright term of different types of works.

Copyright Bites

Copyright Bites is a series of short videos that makes copyright law and policy easier to understand, exploring the relationship between copyright and the public domain.

Copyright in SMEs

This section provides guidance on strategies that creative firms have employed to effectively manage copyright challenges.

Lawful Reuse


There are two exceptions to be aware of, one specifically for criticism and review and a more general exception for quotation. Both exceptions apply to all types of copyright material…

Parody & Pastiche

Parody refers to a new creative work which uses an existing work for humour or mockery. Some parodies take aim at well-known artists or their work in order to make a critique.

Creative Process

Going for a Song

Going for a Song tells the story of Tina and Ben, a music composer and a lyricist who create an original song and discuss how to market it.

Copyright & Creativity

‘Copyright & Creativity’ has been produced with the goal of making copyright compelling to creators and average Internet users, trying to demonstrate that it is not just a set of rules but an interesting world worth exploring.

Copying & Creativity

A short video exploring the complex relationship between copying and creativity through the eyes of a young art student.