The Game is On! – Ep. 5

Told by the Fairy to find the missing boy, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson arrive in a dark and strange place …

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The Game is On! – Ep. 6

In the grande finale of The Game is On! series, the boundary between illusion and reality has never been so blurred …

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The Game is On! – Ep. 4

A group of anarchists are threatening to post online top secret information from every European government …

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Museums & Galleries

This commentary provides authoritative and accessible guidance on how to work with copyright in museums, galleries and other cultural organisations.

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The Game is On! – Ep. 3

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are being interrogated about the details of their latest case! A film star is missing …

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Copying & Creativity

A short video exploring the complex relationship between copying and creativity through the eyes of a young art student.

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Getting Permission

When you want to use a work that is in copyright, you need to get permission from all copyright owners. Some works have several rights attached to them and each right may have more than one owner…

Public Domain: Duration

This commentary explains how long copyright lasts and what you need to consider when calculating the copyright term of different types of works.


The use of materials protected by copyright is essential to the learning process. Educational resources exist in all formats that are recognised as ‘works’ in copyright law.

CopyrightUser b/w logoCOPYRIGHT USER

What you can find on is an online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible to creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and members of the public. The resources here are meant for everyone who uses copyright: musiciansfilmmakersperformerswritersvisual artists and interactive developers, among others.

Our goal is to inform creators about how to protect their work, how to license and exploit it, and how to legally re-use the work of others.



This site is based in the UK, so the contents here reflect what is permitted under UK copyright legislation. Copyright law is rapidly evolving, and we will make every effort to maintain up-to-date resources on this site. The textual content of the website has been produced by leading copyright academics and is intended to be accurate and authoritative. However, it does not constitute legal advice.

The online resource reflects the updated law current as at 16 May 2019.

Updated 16 May 2019


All our video productions in one gallery

Create iconCREATE

Explore how copyright law shapes and regulates different aspects of the creative process

Copyright in SMEs

This section provides guidance on strategies that creative firms have employed to effectively manage copyright challenges.

Going for a Song

Going for a Song tells the story of Tina and Ben, a music composer and a lyricist who create an original song and discuss how to market it.

Copyright Bites

Copyright Bites is a series of short videos that makes copyright law and policy easier to understand, exploring the relationship between copyright and the public domain.

Understand copyright iconUNDERSTAND COPYRIGHT

Understand your rights as a creator


Useful guidance on what you can do if you think someone has infringed your copyright, or if someone has accused you of copyright infringement.


Copyright is a set of ‘exclusive’ rights, giving creators the right to control the use of their work and the ability to earn from it. The term ‘exclusive’ in copyright law means…


There are two exceptions to be aware of, one specifically for criticism and review and a more general exception for quotation. Both exceptions apply to all types of copyright material…

educate to copyright iconEDUCATE

Resources and tools that enable student-directed learning and enquiry

Museums & Galleries

This commentary provides authoritative and accessible guidance on how to work with copyright in museums, galleries and other cultural organisations.

Myth-Reality Cards

The Copyright Myth-Reality Cards consist of text and illustrations, with a copyright myth on one side and the true status on the other.

The Game is On! – Ep. 1

In a fictional land called London, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet a curious client: the toymaker Joseph …