In order to identify the knowledge needs of our audience and produce responsive guidance, we designed an empirical study and developed a content analysis methodology to capture information from internet platforms, in particular Yahoo! Answers.

The study sampled from the population of all questions containing the broad keyword ‘copyright’. This initial search provided 172,870 results. To limit the scope of the study, candidate cases were restricted to ‘questions and answers written in English’. The sample was also limited by time period, using only those entries of one-year old or less. This provided 24,438 results, between May 2012 and April 2013. From these results, we produced a shortlist of 200 questions. Using qualitative sorting and coding techniques we then filtered those 200 down to 20 key questions. 

Below you can find those 20 key questions accompanied by short explanatory answers that link to more detailed texts on specific topics.

2. How long does copyright last?

In the UK copyright expires 70 years after the death of the creator for written, artistic, musical and film work. However, for broadcasts it is 50 years from when the broadcast is made whilst for sound recordings and performers’ rights in sound recordings the term has been extended to 70 years from publication.

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