The Game Is ON!

The Game is On! is a series of short animated films that put copyright and creativity under the magnifying glass of Sherlock Holmes, providing a unique, research-led and open access resource for school-aged learners and other creative users of copyright. Drawing inspiration from well-known copyright and public domain work, as well as recent copyright litigation, these films provide a springboard for exploring key principles and ideas underpinning copyright law, creativity, and the limits of lawful appropriation and reuse.

Each episode is accompanied by a number of related Case Files, supplementary educational materials aimed at suggesting points of discussion about copyright for teachers and students. In the various Case Files that accompany the six episodes of The Game is On! – 33 in all – we explore a wide range of issues relating to core aspects of copyright law. For a basic overview of the economic rights that copyright owners enjoy, see Case File #0 – Some Copyright Basics.

The Game is On! – Ep. 1

In a fictional land called London, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet a curious client: the toymaker Joseph …

The Game is On! – Ep. 2

When Holmes and Watson receive a letter from Mary Westmacott, a new adventure at the border between illusion and reality is just about to start.

The Game is On! – Ep. 3

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are being interrogated about the details of their latest case! A film star is missing …

The Game is On! – Ep. 4

A group of anarchists are threatening to post online top secret information from every European government …

The Game is On! – Ep. 5

Told by the Fairy to find the missing boy, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson arrive in a dark and strange place …

The Game is On! – Ep. 6

In the grande finale of The Game is On! series, the boundary between illusion and reality has never been so blurred …

Creative Process

To produce The Game is On!, we adopted appropriation as a creative technique. You can explore our creative process through the storyboards of all six episodes and a set of Annotations, which identify and explain the many and varied sources that have influenced the writing, design, animation and scoring of each film. You can find the annotated scripts below each corresponding film, or you can access them all here

Copying, Creativity and Copyright – a CREATe Working Paper by Ronan Deazley and Bartolomeo Meletti that offers insights into the creative process behind The Adventure of the Girl with the Light Blue Hair, and makes the case for understanding copying as a positive phenomenon in helping us learn and innovate, develop and engage with others.