Copyright Bite #3 – Permission or Permitted?


Copyright Bite #3 considers how you can lawfully make use of, or borrow from, works that are still in copyright, but without having to ask for permission or make payment to the copyright owner. The texts below help you understand copyright exceptions: specific circumstances when work can be used without the need to get permission from the copyright owner.

Copyright Bite #3.1

Dick has created an original artistic work protected by copyright. Typically the first author of a work will also be the first owner of the copyright in that work.

Copyright Bite #3.2

When you own the copyright in a work you can assign the rights in that work to someone else, or license others to make use of the work in certain clearly defined ways.

Copyright Bite #3.3

Sally is an illustrator. She is fascinated by the phenomenon of crossover fiction, games and toys.

Copyright Bite #3.4

Making use of someone’s work to create a parody of that work, or of another work, is lawful in the UK. You do not need to ask the copyright owner for permission.

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