Copying & Creativity


The video Copying & Creativity was inspired by the Copying, Creativity and Copyright – a CREATe Working Paper by Ronan Deazley and Bartolomeo Meletti that offers insights into the creative process behind The Adventure of the Girl with the Light Blue Hair, and makes the case for understanding copying as a positive phenomenon in helping us learn and innovate, develop and engage with others.

Copying plays a crucial role at all stages of our development as human beings, from DNA replication to the way in which physical synchronicity helps us establish connections and relationships with friends and family, and beyond. Copying can also facilitate freedom of expression and political engagement, by enabling people and communities across the globe come together and speak with one voice. But what about copying when creating new works of literature, drama, music or art? The video explores the complex relationship between copying and creativity through the eyes of a young art student. 



Written, Produced and Directed by Ronan Deazley and Bartolomeo Meletti
Art Direction: Marco Bagni
Illustrations: Sophie Natta
Animation: Emanuele Colombo and Sophie Natta
Music / SFX: Sarc:o
Voice-over Artist ( Emily Butterfield 


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