Creative Process

The following resources help you understand how copyright law shapes and regulates different aspects of the creative process. Copying & Creativity explores the role of copying in our lives and its relationship with creativity. Copyright & Creativity introduces the complex relationship between copyright law and technology, and the challenges faced by the copyright system in the digital age. Going for a Song provides authoritative copyright guidance to music writers and composers, investigating the journey of a song from its creation to its distribution.

Going for a Song

Going for a Song tells the story of Tina and Ben, a music composer and a lyricist who create an original song and discuss how to market it.

Copyright & Creativity

‘Copyright & Creativity’ has been produced with the goal of making copyright compelling to creators and average Internet users, trying to demonstrate that it is not just a set of rules but an interesting world worth exploring.

Copying & Creativity

A short video exploring the complex relationship between copying and creativity through the eyes of a young art student.