Copyright User is an independent online resource aimed at making UK Copyright Law accessible to creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and members of the public. The goal is to provide answers to the most pressing concerns creators have about copyright, helping them understand their rights. The site was launched on 14 February 2014.

Purpose and Scope

The textual content of the website has been produced by leading copyright academics and is intended to be accurate and authoritative. However, it does not constitute legal advice.

The content on this website reflects what is permitted under UK copyright legislation and is correct as of 17 December 2020. Every attempt will be made to update the content at regular intervals in order to reflect the current legislation.

It is important to be aware of the evolving nature of the law. Several changes to the UK Copyright Act were implemented in 2014 and are included in the content of the site. Furthermore, even though copyright law is territorial, for several years the European Union has been carrying out a harmonisation process of the laws of the Member States on copyright and related rights, at both legislative and judicial level. For example, some fundamental concepts – such as the meaning of ‘originality’ – are moving over to the language of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

It is also essential to note that the material represents the law as stated in the UK Copyright Act, although at times there can be considerable tension between law and practice.

Editorial Board:

Martin Kretschmer – Chair, University of Glasgow

Maurizio Borghi – Editor, Bournemouth University
Ronan Deazley – General Editor (2012-2017), Queen’s University Belfast
Kris Erickson – Editor, University of Leeds
Marta Iljadica – Editor (from 2018), University of Glasgow
Dinusha Mendis – Editor, Bournemouth University
Ruth Towse – Editor, Bournemouth University

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Bartolomeo Meletti – Creative Director
Marco Bagni – Art Direction, Design and Animation
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Academic Contributors:

Megan Blakely, Lancaster University
Maurizio Borghi
, Bournemouth University
Hayleigh Bosher, Brunel University
Sheona Burrow, University of Glasgow
Ronan Deazley, Queen’s University Belfast
Laurence Diver, University of Edinburgh
Kris Erickson, University of Leeds
Benjamin Farrand, University of Strathclyde
James Griffin, University of Exeter
Stavroula Karapapa, University of Reading
Smita Kheria, University of Edinburgh
Martin Kretschmer, University of Glasgow
Daithí Mac Síthigh, Queen’s University Belfast
Bartolomeo Meletti, University of Glasgow
Dinusha Mendis, Bournemouth University
Chris Morrison, University of Kent
Claudy Op den Kamp, Bournemouth University
Mathilde Pavis, University of Exeter
Jane Secker, London School of Economics and Political Science
Burkhard Schafer, University of Edinburgh
Ruth Soetendorp, Bournemouth University
Victoria Stobo, University of Liverpool
Ruth Towse, Bournemouth University
Andrea Wallace, University of Exeter

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