This section offers several copyright education resources and tools that enable student-directed learning and enquiry. Suitable to be used in the classroom and in training sessions, these resources encourage students to appreciate their creative potential, enabling lawful creativity and promoting critical thinking about copyright, creativity and the creative economy.

The Game is On!

The Game is On! – Ep. 1

In a fictional land called London, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet a curious client: the toymaker Joseph …

The Game is On! – Ep. 2

When Holmes and Watson receive a letter from Mary Westmacott, a new adventure at the border between illusion and reality is just about to start.

The Game is On! – Ep. 3

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are being interrogated about the details of their latest case! A film star is missing …

The Game is On! – Ep. 4

A group of anarchists are threatening to post online top secret information from every European government …

The Game is On! – Ep. 5

Told by the Fairy to find the missing boy, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson arrive in a dark and strange place …

The Game is On! – Ep. 6

In the grande finale of The Game is On! series, the boundary between illusion and reality has never been so blurred …

Copyright for A-Level Media Studies

Prompt One

What is the nature of contemporary copyright regulation compared with previous practices?

Prompt Two

What are the arguments for and against contemporary copyright regulation?

Prompt Four

What are the wider social issues relating to copyright regulation?



The use of materials protected by copyright is essential to the learning process. Educational resources exist in all formats that are recognised as ‘works’ in copyright law.


This guide is aimed at the wide range of staff working in libraries and information services. Copyright exceptions apply equally to all staff working in libraries including library or information assistants.

Archives & Preservation

Archives are memory institutions. They hold unique documents and records that are vital for helping people connect with and understand their identities, their communities and their cultural heritage.

Museums & Galleries

This commentary provides authoritative and accessible guidance on how to work with copyright in museums, galleries and other cultural organisations.

Research & Private Study

Students and researchers often need to make use of materials which are copyright protected. In the context of their research or study, they may have to make copies or use extracts of those materials.

Teachers & Students

Teachers and students at Bournemouth University discuss the role that copyright plays in their work and share their most pressing concerns and questions about copyright.