Myth-Reality Cards


The Copyright Myth-Reality Cards were produced for the launch of the Copyright User website at the AHRC’s Creative Economy Showcase event on 12 March 2014. 

Using the same data collected during the FAQs exercise and similar qualitative techniques, we identified the 8 copyright misconceptions that occurred most often among users and distilled them into a set of cards. 

The cards consist of text and illustrations, with a copyright myth on one side and the copyright reality on the other. You can freely download and print the entire set of cards here.


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 1


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 2


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 3


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 4


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 5


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 6


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 7


Myths Vs Reality cards - set 8



Production: Bartolomeo Meletti

Illustrations: Davide Bonazzi

Design: Marco Bagni

Research: Hayleigh Bosher

Editor: Ronan Deazley


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The use of materials protected by copyright is essential to the learning process. Educational resources exist in all formats that are recognised as ‘works’ in copyright law.

Copyright Bites

Copyright Bites is a series of short videos that makes copyright law and policy easier to understand, exploring the relationship between copyright and the public domain.