The Game is On!

Episode 3 – The Adventure of the Forger’s Apprentice

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are being interrogated about the details of their latest case! A film star is missing, and the stuntman is the number one suspect. But who is the mysterious interviewer and why is she so interested in the case of the Forger’s Apprentice? The plot thickens … and The Game is On!


At the following URL you can download the annotated script of The Adventure of the Forger’s Apprentice.


Case Files

Supplementary educational materials providing points of discussion about copyright for teachers and students. In particular, these Case Files offer points of discussion around many of the most pressing copyright questions and concerns faced by filmmakers.


22. The Two Heads

In this Case File #22 we consider the concepts of joint authorship and joint ownership of a copyright work.

23. The Eight Categories

In this Case File #23 The Eight Categories we consider the different categories of work that can be protected by copyright in the UK.

24. The Retrieved Image

This Case File #24 considers film as cultural heritage, the preservation exception for archive material, wider implications of preservation and restoration.

25. The Accidental Image

In this Case File #25 we explore the relationship between documentary filmmaking, the re-use of other people’s work and copyright exceptions.

27. The Interview Tape

In this Case File #27 we look at the different types of rights that may be ‘caught’ in the recording of interviews.





Written, Produced and Directed by Ronan Deazley and Bartolomeo Meletti
Art Direction / Design / Animation: Marco Bagni
Illustrations: Ilaria Urbinati
Character Design: Davide Bonazzi
Music / SFX: Sarc:o
The Forger’s Apprentice Soundtrack: Pietro Bartolotti, Adriano Cirillo, Filippo Terni
Voice-over Artists ( Sherlock Holmes – Cliff Chapman; Interviewer – Aislinn De’ath; John Watson – Andy Scratch


Case Files

Authors: Ronan Deazley, Claudy Op Den Kamp and Mathilde Pavis
Editor: Ronan Deazley
Design: Marco Bagni
Production: Bartolomeo Meletti



The Adventure of the Forger’s Apprentice was made possible by generous contributions from the following organisations:


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Is it always necessary to ask permission to use another’s film? Are there set rules about using clips from other films? If the copyright owner cannot be found, can their work be used?